I am more than just a mom… BUT…

And it’s a big BUT.

Society puts a lot of pressure on the modern woman, not to mention the modern mom. We are told that we can be whatever we want, but the idea that is sold to us is more than that. What society tells us is that we also should be more, must achieve more… more than just being a woman, more than just being a wife, more than just being a mother. That has always been the goal for myself as well, and I believe that I am more than just that, I can safely say that I have achieved that goal. But maybe there really is nothing wrong with setting out a time in your life to be a mom, to indulge in motherhood, to let it consume you and not give a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks of you while you’re at it.



That’s where I’m currently at. I am still that same creative soul, seeking to create and yearning to explore new mediums with which to create. I am still that same travel-hungry person, who loves to explore my surroundings and dreams of traveling the world someday. I still dream of creating a blog that consists of more than just #momlife. I still have big dreams and ambitious goals to achieve, but right now, I LOVE being a mom and if that makes me “just another mommy blogger” (yes, I’ve actually heard people say that and no, I really mean no offense ladies. I love mommy blogs and the moms who spend hours creating their beautiful content) then I’m completely fine with that.

I also want to lead an authentic life and if I’m honest with myself and everyone else, that is exactly what my life is all about right now: momming hard. I used to believe that I have to be more than “just a mom” to be worth someone’s time and love, but – and maybe it has something to do with turning 30 – I really don’t care what anyone think anymore. I am a mother. It is a huge part of who I am and I love it. I love every darn minute of it and you can probably tell by my instagram feed. It’s a special thing, motherhood. You’ll only really understand once you become a mom yourself. And it’s also so fleeting, as you moms out there know. So I’m here for that momlife and so proud of it. I want to soak up all of it, learn from it, share what I’ve learned so far and spend time with people who get it.



Anneli out



2 Replies to “I am more than just a mom… BUT…”

  1. You’re so right, it is fleeting. It goes quicker than you anticipated, despite everyones warnings. Being everything, and being “good” at it can be so exhausting and then in the end you’re not engaged in what is really important at that moment. I think the tricky bit is deciding where to cut down and what to hold on to.

    1. annelistrecker says: Reply

      You’re right Jennifer! Perhaps, as hard as it may be to accept, sometimes we can’t be the superwoman society tells us we could/should be. It usually comes at the expense of something more important.

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