Creating Makeshift Furniture with Pampers Boxes

Upcycling! Or otherwise known as not being able to throw away a good box before first using it for a different purpose than first intended, and hopefully while you’re at it, solving a problem in or around the house. Our home, wherever it may be, has always been a work in progress and I suspect it will be for quite some time. Those who know me well will be able to tell you all about how I can never shut up about home decor and my wish to beautify our living space. It takes time though, because money do not grow on trees and always seem to be plugging some other more urgent hole. Don’t get me wrong, we live a privileged life and I know it, but what I mean by the above statement is that school fees, new clothes and shoes, or new spectacles/dental care/paying for doctors/hospital treatment/maybe visiting family in Gauteng, always seem to be where the money goes first. So that leaves me (sometimes) getting creative with what’s around. And there’s always a good old sturdy Pampers box around! I believe that I’ll probably do many more DIY posts with these, but for our first, have a look at how Juwan and I solved a bit of an unsightly problem today.

Right next to the TV is where hubby stationed the router and general electric hub for all nearby appliances. It’s been bothering me since we moved in a year ago and I just haven’t managed to find a good solution within budget yet. So I decided that the situation needs height and the cables need camouflage.

Here’s the not so glorious BEFORE:

BEFORE – router on top of two ugly ass pampers boxes [cringe]
I recently discovered a pretty amazing paint on Superbalist – specifically to paint furniture with. It’s called pop – you can find it here (in all the colours you can possibly dream of) and I also found it at Laughtons Hardware in Sea Point. I decided to also give the makeshift “furniture” a layer of the all clear wax – light sheen finish – because the paint itself dries quite chalky. So Juwan and I set off on a box painting mission this afternoon.

Two coats of grey and a coat of wax later, you have an AFTER. I do love a good before and after 🙂

So look, for me this picture looks BETTER than before. I don’t think it’s close to done. It just feels like less of an eyesore. Ideally I would like a gigantic palm tree or fiddle leaf fig in a beautiful basket next to my makeshift box furniture, but that’s a story for another day (when I can direct the flow of finances in that direction).

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