Fun at the V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront have always been one of my favourite places in Cape Town. Most locals will tell you they hate the place because it’s touristy and overpriced. While this may be true, I’ve found ways to go there and not spend much money at all and still have a great time. I just love the whole harbour vibe and the people watching game of this general area is top notch! In all my life I’ve never seen such diversity, such interesting style and fashion as I’ve seen at the Waterfront. But above all, since having a kid, this place has become an affordable weekend activity. At our most recent visit we discovered a play area by the clock tower, just across the bridge on your way to the Zeits MOCAA. There is a jungle gym built into the shape of a boat and if you’re always looking out for a cool jungle gym to take the kids to burn some energy, this one is highly recommended.

It’s quite big, with double slides, so it accommodates more kids than some jungle gyms I’ve seen. The slides caused a lot of static, which I found hilarious – check out some of the pictures below of his hair standing up straight haha! Juwan was having the time of his life on this boat. Genuinely – there was a helicopter stationed right next to the jungle gym and he didn’t even care (and he LOVES helicopters) – no he didn’t want to leave at the end of the day.

How to make this an affordable trip for the family:

  • Opt for a snack and some good coffee at the food market, in between The Watershed and the Victoria and Alfred Mall
  • Or bring your own snacks and sit on a bench somewhere overlooking the harbour while you eat
  • Walk around watching people, some musical performances, window (art stall) shopping. It costs nothing and you get your daily exercise.
  • Have a seat while your kids play their hearts out on one of the two (that I know of) jungle gyms in the area. One by the clock tower and the other just in front of The Watershed, on the Aquarium side.

What not to do, unless you love spending too much money:

  • Buy dinner for the whole family at any of the front-row restaurants overlooking the harbour.


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