KAMERS | MAKERS – South Africa’s finest local products and a damn good time

If you’ve never been to a KAMERS | MAKERS market, you really should save the date for the next one in your area. As far as I’m aware it happens twice a year in both the Western Cape (usually Cape Town) and Gauteng (Johannesburg), but don’t take my word for it, go check out their website for more accurate information. It’s the place to go for all quality locally produced products. Without fail everything showcased is pure creative inspiration and incredibly beautiful. It is a feast for the eyes! What I probably enjoy most of all though is seeing so many interesting, unique people gathered in one space. When it comes to eccentric and quirky individuals, and I mean this in the best way, this is where you’ll find them (other than probably, you know, at art exhibits and fancy wining & dining events). Even though I don’t think I really fit the bill entirely, I’ve always been referred to by family members as a little weird and different, so I do feel rather at home here. I embrace my weirdness and I love seeing others do the same. It’s interesting and everything but boring – what’s not to celebrate!? There’s also great food, lots of interesting and delicious drink options and tasty treats. 


Today was the last day of a whole week of festivities, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait until the next one to go. But below you’ll find some pictures of vendors that drew my eye – some I already knew about and follow on social media, some I’ve supported in the past, but mostly I found new brands that I want to keep an eye on.

Tip and also, mental note to self: Save all your money for like 6 months, don’t consume anywhere else for that entire time and go to KAMERS to buy the decor/clothing/kids clothing/kids toys of your dreams. It’s not only some of the best quality and design I’ve ever seen in a collective space, you’ll also be supporting our economy and countless individuals’ entrepreneurial dreams (and their ability to support their families for that matter). Once again well done to the KAMERS team for doing a fantastic job in curating only the best for this event! All in all it’s good fun for the whole family.

For moms with babies (and ladies in general) – yes there are clean ablution facilities and even a nappy changing area. I also saw some moms publicly breastfeeding without a care in the world – so I highly recommend this event to just get out and have a good time, babies and toddlers in tow 🙂

Proteas in bloom at the venue just as I entered. I was so stoked!

Because we went with a buggy, we took a different entrance down the side of the venue that was sans stairs and came across this… an actual castle? Whaaaaat!

Yes I can totally imagine myself wearing a floral raincoat and carrying a floral umbrella this winter.
Rosehip Design


I promised the lovely lady from Royale Pure Pomegranate Seed Oil Serum that when my serum is finished, I will try theirs. Cross my heart!

I already own a pair of Bear Bear & Me Mary-Janes and love them so much! These are not only stylish but also super comfortable. Now I just need a pair of brogues and red Mary-Janes.
Bear Bear & Me

Juwan picked the strawberry lolly and I the chocolate. Wanna guess who ate the chocolate?
Las Paletas

Juwan loves this installation every year!


The Burgundy Collective

Kikoy-za Lifestyle

Happy Sak

Best Hungarian Flatbread with pulled beaf, avo, rocket and feta – keep an eye out for these guys (Stack That) at other foody markets around Cape Town!

Stack That Food Truck

A happy sak or two is high on our current wishlist!

How adorable are these little monsters?


I’ve always been a fan of Annapatat Kids, but Juwan being a boy, I can’t really dress him in those beautiful floral rompers now can I? Luckily I noticed some super cute little jackets in her new range – those are also pretty high on the wishlist!
Annapatat Kids

Thanks for popping by! Hope you’ll support our local craftsmen and women at the next KAMERS!



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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post, Anneli! We’re so glad you had a good time. Thanks for supporting local entrepreneurs & creatives!

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