Free Downloadable Wallpaper Inspiration

Ever since I was introduced to the inspirational world of blogging, one of my favourite things has always been downloadable freebies, and especially in the form of beautiful, creative, inspiring wallpapers for my computer and cellphone. I’ve always just been on the end-user side of these downloads and have been dreaming of creating my own version of this type of feature on my blog. So this afternoon when I picked up some groceries after work, I decided to stop by the florist and grab whatever inspires me to create. At first I was drawn to the Proteas, but then these odd looking purple flowers caught my eye. They’re called cabbage flowers, because well, they look just like cabbage, only more floral. I paired them with green carnations, to stay true to the raw and natural feel I was getting from the cabbage flowers. The lovely lady who owns the florist decided it needed one more addition of leafy greens and I was pleasantly surprised by how well bay leaves (yes, the herb) complimented my floral arrangement. As soon as we got home, I quickly set up on our balcony and started shooting with the light fading fast. Juwan just loved helping out as well. I love how it fascinates him when I take pictures.

It turned out exactly the way I had in mind – a dark, moody and raw piece of floral art. Please feel free to download these and use them as wallpapers for your computer/laptop/cellphone or even as a cover page on social media.

How to download:

On a computer – click on the image, right-click ‘open image in new tab’, right click save.
On your phone – open the blog post in your phone’s native browser, like Chrome or Safari, and press and hold on the image: it should now give you the option to download/save the image.

If you do share on social media though, please just credit me by linking to either my Instagram handle or my blog page  I’ve included some behind the scenes shots at the bottom of the post – just a little glimpse into what really happens in the making of something like this. It’s usually not very glamorous at all, and yet the artist makes the magic happen 😉

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