The perfect winter breakaway at Giant’s Castle

I would love to share with you some pictures (okay, so a lot of pictures – but hey, it’s my blog and I’ll share 10 000 pictures if I want to 😛 ) that tell the story of our little family of three’s very first holiday together. I’ve kept this story on ice for two years, until that day that I finally have a blog and the weather is nostalgically freezing. Well I checked Snow Report ZA earlier, and it’s going to be a cold weekend, with lots of snow predicted all over the country. I’ll try to keep it short so you can grab a hot cup of (insert what it is you like here: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milo, med-lemon?) and enjoy scrolling through the post at your leisure.

My husband organised this trip for us and it was a complete surprise. The date was August 2016. The drive there was an adventure, as was the rest of the exciting trip and the views breathtaking. I couldn’t believe the view from our bed! We saw the Drakensberge in all its glory and Giant’s Castle in every mood. I witnessed sunrises and sunsets, starry skies, days with the bluest blue skies and days full of gloom. We spent four days here and mostly napped, hiked, ate, drank wine and hung around indoors in front of the cozy fireplace. We enjoyed dinner in their restaurant every evening and even watched what I assume was an important game of rugby. But don’t take my word for it – there’s proof if you scroll down 🙂



Some phone pictures and the camp location:



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